Social Design
Focus Days

SKILLS: How to be courageous?

Graffito, Alfred-Adler-Straße, 1100 Vienna in April 2016
The programme of these days gathers different artists and practitioners coming from differing backgrounds and fields of practice, be it interdisciplinary art, performance, cooking, audio or knowledge transfer respectively designing new formats of public discourse. During the reflective as well as practical work of these days old and new, traditional and contemporary artistic methods will be learned, used, adopted and further developed and appropriated.
These days will focus on the experience of practice taking into account that:
• Hands-on-skills add to the autonomy and self-confidence of all partners involved in the process of realizing a project.
• A collective „doing“ – sharing and communicating skills – is lowering if not removing thresholds between experts and consumers.
• Attentive dilettantes and obsessed amateurs will be encouraged to act or will get precious information about casting a task force for a certain project aim.
• The experience of practice related to a physical effort is a necessary part of any conceptual work and vice versa: creative processes could not come up with innovative results without knowing about the constraints and the pleasure of practice.
• Given assumptions about expertise will be also critically questioned by getting back to a fresh and un-disciplinary starting point.
The „SKILLS“ focus days is broadening the methodological work at the Social Design Studio but does not claim to give an exhaustive canon of methods. These focus days are regarded as part of an open process reflecting, enriching and of course adding to the on-going work at the department.

19.05.2017, 10:00
Bogomir Doringer: Aiming for the Impossible

20.05.2017, 10:00
Uli Kühn: workshop - lecture - performance

21.05.2017, 10:00
Matthias Zykan: Ingredients N.N.

22.05.2017, 10:00
Elke Rauth: Talk with Space, Act in Space
urbanize! International Festival für Urban Explorations

23.05.2017, 10:00
Jennifer Helia DeFelice: Performative Practices

Location: KUNST HAUS WIEN Garage
Workshops and lectures are in English