Claudius Schulze. Biosphere X

Claudius Schulze, TQ1066-RP5013.18, Historische Hummelsammlung. Entomologischer Verein Krefeld, 2018
Claudius Schulze, TQ1066-RP5013.18, Contemporary Bumble Bee Collection. Entomological Society Krefeld, 2018

KUNST HAUS WIEN invites you to the opening of the exhibition Claudius Schulze. Biosphere X on Wednesday, 29 January 2019 at 7 p.m.

Welcome: Bettina Leidl, Director KUNST HAUS WIEN
About the exhibition: Sophie Haslinger, curator
Statement: Franz Essl, Biodiversity Researcher University of Vienna
The artist is present.

The German artist Claudius Schulze (*1984) has created a space-specific installation for the garage of KUNST HAUS WIEN, which contrasts the current dramatic extinction of animals and plants with the rapid development of a new, artificial "species": The intelligent machine. While millions of plant and animal species are threatened with extinction and thus the natural ecological balance of the earth is threatening to disappear forever, artificial intelligence, bionics and genetic engineering are taking over the world. The physical is increasingly being transformed into bits and bytes while the basis of life for many living beings is being lost.

Schulze's project uses large-format photographs, scans, animations and renderings to pose fundamental questions.