Screening & Talk

Elfie Semotan, Photographer (Joerg Burger, 2019)

As part of the exhibition Elfie Semotan. Position and Pose, a screening of the documentary film Elfie Semotan, Photographer will take place at Filmcasino. Afterwards, curator Verena Kaspar will talk with the artist Elfie Semotan about her photographic work.

Elfie Semotan, Photographer

The documentary Elfie Semotan, Photographer by Joerg Burger is a portrait of the internationally renowned Austrian photographer Elfie Semotan. Living in New York and Vienna, she has been working successfully at the intersection of art, fashion and advertising photography for more than five decades and looks back on an impressive career between Europe and the USA. Many of her sophisticated visual arrangements have become legendary. Semotan's work is characterised by her strong personality and continuous resistance to the mainstream.

Semotan┬®Navigator_5Joerg Burger's film is a portrait of a great artist and a tribute to the passion of photography itself. The still creative Elfie Semotan gives insight into her work and life and it also becomes clear how much the city of New York has influenced her career and her work.

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Visitors to the exhibition Elfie Semotan. Posture and Pose receive a reduction of € 2,- on the entrance fee to the Filmcasino upon presentation of their ticket. Conversely, the cinema ticket also entitles you to a reduction of € 2 on the admission to the exhibition at KUNST HAUS WIEN.

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