Lectures on Photography and Truth

As part of Vienna Art Week

Peter Funch, Red Rush Redux, aus der Serie: Babel Tales, 2006-2010

Highlight lectures during the Vienna Art Week at KUNST HAUS WIEN

Built Truths, 5:30 p.m.
PD Dr. Andrea Gnam, HU Berlin and University of Vienna and Member German Photographic Academy

Photography is not truth and truth is not photography, yet three truths can be joined together like building blocks: The truth of the photographers* in the reflection of their technical and social possibilities as well as the subjective truth of the recipients* who search for a kind of (self)knowledge in the photographs. Architectural photography is a field in which these questions are repeatedly renegotiated; the lecture presents classical and current positions in this context.

The excerpt stands in the way of truth, 6 p.m.
Ruth Horak, art historian, curator and lecturer for contemporary photography and photo theory

Truth and reality have always been linked to photography, and persistently - though not reliably - is the idea that a photograph can be a proof and "bring to light" the truth. Its infinite details are often cited as an argument. One thing stands in its way: the fact that it is always a section of the whole. The excerpt concerns space and time, it is the result of a subjective point of view and partly responsible for the fact that a picture can at best claim partial truths for itself. 

Discussion, 6:30 p.m.