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Director's Tour

Left: Genoveva Kriechbaum, The World / The Heart of Europe, 2018 © Genoveva Kriechbaum, Bildrecht, Wien, 2020. KUNST HAUS WIEN | Right: Nilbar Güres, Headstanding Totem (Detail), 2014. Courtesy: Galerie Martin Janda, Wien / Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin / Galerist, Istanbul, Foto Nilbar Güres. Dom Museum Wien

Fragile Creation

Artworks from the Middle Ages to the present illustrate the complex connection between human beings and their environment. From loving care to exploitation, from menace to fascination, the relationship between people and nature is an ever-present topic — and was of existential importance long before the life-threatening consequences of global warming and pollution we are faced with today.

After Us, the Flood

The 21 international and domestic artists featured at the exhibition illustrate through photography and video the ecological consequences of our growth-orientated economic system at the global level. Their works, often the result of extensive research and close collaborations with leading scientists, throw into relief the ecological effects our way of life has on different regions of the earth. Some also highlight its socio-political and social consequences, or outline future scenarios

Director's tour

with Bettina Leidl and Johanna Schwanberg
To Be Announced

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