• 12.03.-28.08.22

    When The Wind Blows

    Opening: Fri 11.03.22, 19:00
    Air encloses the earth like a membrane, it is vital and omnipresent. Man's relationship to the invisible elements of wind, air and breath is complex. The artistic works in this exhibition address not only the energy of life but also the danger of storms, air pollution and climate change. 20 international and Austrian artists make the invisible elements visible in different ways.
  • 15.09.22-12.02.23

    Unseen Places

    Gregor Sailer

    Opening: Wed 14.09.22, 19:00
    Inaccessible landscapes, sealed-off territories or restricted military areas: In his works, Gregor Sailer shows surreal architectures at the margins of human civilisation. The artist is interested in the structural transformation of landscape and the complex political, military and economic implications of architecture.

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