• 19.06.-29.09.19

    Claudia Märzendorfer

    A Blazing World

    Opening: Tue 18.06.19, 19:00
    In her work, the artist Claudia Märzendorfer unites different artistic means of expression, combines philosophical approaches and (art) historical derivations out of no lesser need than to pursue the meaning of the world.
  • 11.09.19-16.02.20

    Street. Life. Photography

    Opening: Tue 10.09.19, 19:00
    ‘Urban space’, i.e. the urban environment that is directly tangible, is arguably one of the most dazzling motifs in photographic images. Street. Life. Photography explores the unrelenting fascination that this topic exerts on photography in the 20th and 21st century, giving rise to its own distinctive genre, i.e. street photography. The exhibition comprises 52 photographic positions with more than 320 works that explore key topical aspects of street photography in kaleidoscopic chapters: Street Life, Crashes, Public Transfer, Urban Space, Anonymity, and Alienation.