Klima & Fossile Brennstoffe

Online Future Talk: Climate X Change

Coal, natural gas and oil are still the world’s most important sources of energy. Their combustion releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that are the main causative factors of global warming. Added to that are ‘large-scale fossil fuel construction projects’ such as motorways and airports. Not only does their construction consume vast amounts of resources and release CO2, their operation also contributes to a much diminished use of climate-friendly infrastructure facilities. The only realistic way to reduce emissions and therefore preserve the Earth from climate collapse is to replace fossil fuels with renewable energies and reduce our global energy consumption. So where do we currently stand within that process? What steps do we need to take, and how can a fair and equitable transition actually work on a global level?


  • Dominik Schmitz, Centre for Global Change & Sustainability, BOKU Vienna
  • Karin Hiltgartner, Institute for Spatial Planning, TU Vienna 
  • Klaus Schafler, Artist 
  • Michael Spiekermann, Fridays for Future activist

Moderation: Michael Huber, Kurier
An event in cooperation with the Kurier

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