After Us the Flood

Edward Burtynsky, Salinas #3, Càdiz, Spain 2013

31.05.17, 17:00

After Us, The Flood. The Global Water Grab and its Adversaries 

After Us, The Flood is a symposium programmed by Vienna-based artist Oliver Ressler. It sets out to connect artistic, activist and curatorial practices addressing the exploitation, pollution and militarization of commodified water. Speakers share a determination to protect the common, uncontaminated character of the substance that renews life on Earth. Themes discussed will range from rising ocean levels caused by global warming to the ruin of rivers by irrigation projects. The ecological wars waged by oil drillers and client industries (refiners, shippers, futures traders, parapetroleum logistics, car factories and factory farms, to name a few) turn the world's water toxic or squander it. But this coalition of looters is confronted by alliances like none seen before: Indigenous water protectors with lifetime eco-antagonists, ex-military survivors with social justice movements and others unwilling to die in artificial desert or sink into an overheated sea.
Curated by Oliver Ressler
Katrin Hornek (Vienna), Liberate Tate (London), Maren Richter (Linz), Elena Sorokina (Paris), and others
Moderation: Oliver Ressler


17:00 Start

17:15 Oliver Ressler, Introduction

17:30 Maren Richter, The Island Is What the Sea Surrounds…

18:00 Elena Sorokina, Requiem for Fossil Fuels


19:00 Katrin Hornek, Upstream – The Colorado River from Salton Sea to Glen Canyon

19:30 Glen Tarman, Culture Beyond Oil: Making Art Matter in a Time of Climate Change

20:00 Discussion

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