Justin Brice Guariglia

Agricultural Landscapes

Justin Brice Guariglia, Agricultural Landscape (No. 121/Pewter), 2011/2018

In his works, Guariglia commits to an objective and holistic approach in order to visualise the climate crisis as a global phenomenon. His artworks are often created in intensive collaboration with scientists and philosophers. His Agricultural Landscapes (2011/2018) feature aerial photographs of agricultural areas taken by the artist himself from an altitude of 12,000 metres. Guariglia then edited the photographs in elaborate and lengthy processes involving a variety of materials, including mined matters like palladium, pewter, copper, silver and gold, thereby abstracting them beyond recognition – as abstract, in fact, as climate change itself, the full extent of which cannot be represented and is barely comprehensible.

Justin Brice Guariglia, born 1974, lives in New York City, USA.

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