No Hope No Fear

A project by the Politics-of-Fear-Collektiv of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

"Courage for Democracy", Workshop im April 2016, Hasselt, Belgien
Aktion im September 2016, Linz
Hopptornet, 16 min


Opening: Thu, 18.05.2017, 19:00

The KUNST HAUS WIEN is also embracing more experimental formats, extending an invitation to the Social Design Class of the University of Applied Arts Vienna headed by Brigitte Felderer.
The University’s international artists have drawn up a varied programme that references the statement by philosopher Cynthia Fleury, who described courage as a democratic virtue that has to be reclaimed. Personal appearances and statements, workshops and performances deal with current possibilities for addressing fears – and how not to fear them.

Programme and Folder for DL