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Elfie Semotan. Position and Pose

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Exhibition Catalogue on Elfie Semotan. Posture and Pose

On the occasion of her 80th birthday, KUNST HAUS WIEN pays tribute to Elfie Semotan with a comprehensive retrospective. The exhibition Posture and Pose spans six decades of her multifaceted artistic oeuvre and makes Semotan's photographic cosmos.

"No small number of the photographs on view in this exhibition and this book are Faltenwürfe in the most literal sense: a sleep-dented pillow; a square of netting strung between two tripods; a bolt of translucent black fabric hung like a theater curtain in the middle of the woods, its hem not quite reaching the ground. And, of course, the flow and fall of cloth—the celebration of fabric as an artistic medium, complete unto itself—is by no means missing from Elfie’s work for the great fashion magazines."  John Wray, writer

with text by John Wray
177 pages, hardcover
German and English
ISBN 978-3-903334-20-5
Publisher: FOTOHOF edition

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