Sante D'Orazio. Photographs

For the first time in Austria: a retrospective of the superstar Sante D'Orazio, born 1956 in Brooklyn, New York; pioneer icon-maker and meanwhile an icon of the international fashion photography himself.

Sante, fashion photographer, American-Italian. More Italian than American. Unafraid of excessive, complacent prettiness. Catholic celebration of the flesh. Still, the ripeness of a very red cherry shall imply a melancholic acknowledgement of fragility. Sante´s acceptance of his subjects´ good looks is without apology, faithful as he is to the essence of photography as vanitas, a ghostly reminder that the sole beauty we know is fleeting beauty.

Sante, a friend, a photographer, no explanation really needed. Restless, unpretentious, photographs are entertainment too, to catch the moment. The picture will compose itself, speak for itself.

Francesco Clemente
From: Foreword „A Private View", 1998

The exhibition shows 160 color- and black-and-white photographs of the period between 1986 and today.

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