Ask The Artist
Gregor Sailer

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Gregor Sailer about the projekt "Closed Cities"

Gregor Sailer's work is characterized by the desire to investigate, understand and convey unusual and complex areas shaped by man, both visually and in terms of content. In order to locate such places, travel to them and photograph them on location, he takes a long and intensive period of preparation.

With Closed Cities, Sailer explores places that have in common their isolation from the outside world. The deliberate separation gives an idea of how elaborate and difficult it is to get inside there, even more so with a camera. Sailer's commitment, diplomatic skills and perseverance help him to obtain special permits, character references and credentials, thus eliminating suspicions of sensationalism or even espionage. His large cycle of works of sealed-off cities in various parts of the world includes images of a diamond town, a copper town, an oil town, a refugee town, and a gated town.