Bees at the museum

Honey from the KUNST HAUS WIEN

Director KUNST HAUS WIEN Bettina Leidl and Beekeeper Thomas Zelenka

For more than two years, KUNST HAUS WIEN has been home to two bee colonies that live and produce honey on the museum's roof garden. As the first Green Museum in Vienna, KUNST HAUS WIEN also wants to give impulses for the protection of species. The two colonies comprise approximately 140,000 honey bees and are supervised by master beekeeper Thomas Zelenka. Last year, the bees produced approx. 80 kilograms of the finest organic honey. The bees get their nectar in the green garden and inner courtyard as well as on the museum facade. In the context of the exhibition RESANITA. The House as Host (2018), the artist duo RESANITA investigated the flora of KUNST HAUS WIEN and identified a species spectrum of more than 260 plants. This diversity particularly stimulates honey production. In contrast to the country, where mostly monocultures are harvested within a few days, the city is therefore usually more attractive for the honey bee.

Hundertwasser's philosophy
The museum greening designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser makes a considerable contribution to ecological balance and biodiversity in urban areas and creates an ideal habitat for honey bees.

KUNST HAUS WIEN Honey in the shop
The exquisite KUNST HAUS WIEN organic honey can be purchased in the museum shop or in the online shop in addition to selected bee products such as candles or lip balm. We also offer a gift special consisting of honey and KUNST HAUS WIEN annual season ticket.

Mehr Informationen zu unseren Honigprodukten:

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