Public guided tour - Unseen Places. Gregor Sailer

Public guided tour through the temporary exhibition

Gregor Sailer, Fahrzeug-Testgelände, Carson City, Schweden, 2016, aus der Serie The Potemkin Village

SUN 18.09, 11:00

Experience the highlights of the current temporary exhibition - compact, interesting and informative.

Guided tours through the current temporary exhibition UNSEEN PLACES. Gregor Sailer

Inaccessible landscapes, sealed-off territories or restricted military areas.
Our art mediators give a cross-section of the Austrian photo artist's persona in a tour of the exhibition. The Tyrolean Gregor Sailer photographs military, political and economic buildings and infrastructures on the fringes of human civilisation. With his impressive image compositions, he takes the viewer:inside to remote areas such as the polar Silk Road, the Californian Mojave Desert or to Qatar.

This tour will take place in german language.

No registration required.
Current Covid 19 protections apply.