I Dreamed We Were Alive

Ekaterina Anokhina, Lena Rosa Händle, Hanna Putz, Yulia Tikhomirova, Borjana Ventzislavova

Yulia Tikhomirova, Baltica, 2016
Borjana Ventzislavova, I dreamed we were alive, 2012
Lena Rosa Händle, Laughing Inverts 1, 2016
Hanna Putz, Untitled (Dyptichon 04), 2017
Ausstellungsansicht "I Dreamed We Were Alive"
Ausstellungsansicht "I Dreamed We Were Alive"


Opening: Thu, 02.03.2017, 19:00

The group exhibition I dreamed we were alive at the KUNST HAUS WIEN Gallery features five positions showcased by international artists which explore intimate moments and personal experiences through the medium of photography. The frequently serial works by Ekaterina Anokhina (*1987 Moscow), Lena Rosa Händle (*1978 Berlin), Hanna Putz (*1987 Vienna) and Yulia Tikhomirova (*1981 St. Petersburg) often suggest a strong immediacy and proximity. The photographs create a flow of images that appears to follow its own inner rhythm. Black-and-white photographs are combined with a mix of colour photographs, together with successions of still lifes and portrait photographs along with staged photographs and snapshots. Photography acts as a medium for remembering a particular period of time, individual emotions or group affiliations. Borjana Ventzislavova’s (*1976 Sofia) large-format (landscape) photographs formulate poetic statements which symbolise memories while replicating the emptiness and loneliness of the world. What remains are images which, in their aesthetic and sequencing, are like moments in a dream: I dreamed we were alive.

Curated by Sophie Haslinger and Verena Kaspar-Eisert

Selected works of the participating artists are available als special edition
I Dreamed We Were Alive
With a text by Friederike Gösweiner
Ed. KUNST HAUS WIEN, published by FOTOHOF edition, Volume 245

German/Englisch , 28 pages, 33 illustr.
Available at the museum shop, € 9,–

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