Unseen Places

Gregor Sailer

Gregor Sailer, Militärstation, Norwegen, 2020, aus der Serie The Polar Silk Road
Portrait Gregor Sailer, Sibirien
Gregor Sailer, Fahrzeug-Testgelände, Carson City, Schweden, 2016, aus der Serie The Potemkin Village
Gregor Sailer, aus der Serie Potemkinvillage, Germany
Gregor Sailer, Forschungsstation, EastGRIP, Greenland, 2019, aus der Serie The Polar Silk Road


Inaccessible landscapes, sealed-off territories or restricted military areas: In his works, Gregor Sailer shows surreal architectures at the margins of human civilisation. 

The artist is interested in the structural transformation of landscape and the complex political, military and economic implications of architecture. This takes him to remote, inhospitable parts of the world, Potemkin villages and places that are only accessible to a few people. Sailer's photos are deserted, the buildings on them often seem like sculptures. Whether climate change, political conflicts or an excessive need for security - Sailer's pictures reveal the dynamics that lead to the existence of these places. 

KUNST HAUS WIEN is dedicating its first major exhibition in Austria to the photo artist. Sailer's images open up access to the world of fakes, copies and backdrops and question these sometimes absurd excesses of our contemporary society. Gregor Sailer's works require months of research work and stays under extreme conditions, for example in the Arctic at minus 50 degrees. The Tyrolean artist, born in 1980, has received many awards, his photos have been shown in numerous publications and exhibitions and are represented in public and private collections.

Curator: Verena Kaspar-Eisert (KUNST HAUS WIEN)


Under the motto #AsktheArtist, photo artist Gregor Sailer talks about his work, photo series and his adventurous journeys into military restricted areas and marginal zones of human civilization.

Join Gregor Sailer on a virtual tour of the exhibition UNSEEN PLACES.


Portrait Gregor Sailer, KHW 2022

Accompanying programme for the exhibition

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