ASK THE ARTIST - Gregor Sailer

UNSEEN PLACES. Gregor Sailer

Under the motto #AsktheArtist, photo artist Gregor Sailer talks about his work, photo series and his adventurous journeys into military restricted areas and marginal zones of human civilization. Join Gregor Sailer on a virtual tour of the exhibition UNSEEN PLACES.

Inaccessible landscapes, sealed-off territories or military restricted areas: Gregor Sailer's works show surreal architectures at the margins of human civilization.

The artist is interested in the structural transformation of landscape and the complex political, military and economic implications of architecture. This takes him to remote, inhospitable parts of the world, Potemkin villages, and places that few people can reach. Sailer's photographs are devoid of people, and the buildings in them often look like sculptures. Whether climate change, political conflicts, or an excessive need for security, Sailer's images reveal the dynamics that lead to the existence of these places.