• 21.06.-07.10.18


    Das Haus als Wirt

    Opening: Wed 20.06.18, 19:00
    As a collaborative artist duo, Anita Fuchs and Resa Pernthaller explore temporary interventions in the urban space, nomadic collective processes, and all manner of nature art. Their projects often begin with an ‘actionist’ approach: road trips that transfer plants across several states, the transportation of trees from a research station, or the sowing of a field with historical seeds. These ‘action art’ events are associated with contemporary societal topics such as climate change, terrorism, migration, history, global economies, and politics.
  • 13.09.18-17.02.19

    Still Life

    In Contemporary Photography

    Opening: Wed 12.09.18, 19:00
    The exhibition showcases contemporary artistc approaches to a genre that was thought to have disappeared, namely the Still Life. Artists working in the field of photography are radically scrutinising the still life as a means of expression, disrupting prevailing image conventions and extracting a clearly delineated artistic alternative out of ostensibly antiquated styles and practices.